Rough Casting
If you live in Central Scotland and require harling (roughcasting or pebbledashing) then please consider getting in touch with us. Roughcasting and harling are basically the same thing, coating the walls with a mixture of sand and lime as a form of cement along with a stone aggregate. This creates a beautiful finish for your home which is probably why it is so popular in Scotland. As well as providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to your walls it also adds protection for your home and helps to keep the weather and the cold out.

Rough casting / harling

We are a Kinross based business who, among other things, specialises in roughcasting. We can accomplish any size of job with any type of finish. So, if you live within our catchment area (anywhere between Perth and Edinburgh and Stirling and St. Andrews) and you are looking for roughcasting, harling, pebbledashing etc then please get in touch for a friendly, free no-obligation quote.

For all rough casting / harling / pebble-dashing


A. Burke & son is a registered family run company based in Central Scotland & undertakes work all over Scotland. We specialise in roofing and building but our services also include driveways and fencing. Please get in touch for a free, no obligation, quote.

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